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Our mission is to drive maximum revenue for our clients through creative and transparent global product remerchandising. For over 70 years the family-owned company has partnered with several of the largest carriers, OEMs, distributors, and retailers in the industry by pioneering innovative solutions for their inventory challenges and turning them into practical, profitable opportunities. To achieve our mission, Windsor provides the services necessary for
end-to-end return logistics by operating as a direct return center for our partners, assisting in moving excess overstock inventory and returning millions of dollars in revenue back to our customers in a responsible manner. With decades of client satisfaction through dependable professionalism, Windsor remains committed to its flexibility in state-of-the-art practices and is proud of the impeccable reputation for service and excellence it has cultivated over the years.

Windsor Services

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Excess Inventory Opportunities

In the age of rapidly changing market, excess inventory can quickly depreciate in value and become obsolete. Windsor has the ability to take major position on large overstock inventory. Furthermore our global reach allows us to work with each of our partners to create custom redistribution plans that does not disrupt their sales channels. Our partners continue to come back to us because of our quick turnaround time on bids and our commitment to provide valuable feedback and close deals.

Return Center

Handling returns is a costly, time consuming process that does not contribute to your bottom line. It requires space, energy, and vital resources that are needed elsewhere. Windsor has the proper infrastructure, experience and state-of-the-art practices to efficiently receive, secure, and manage products from individual retail stores, OEMs, and distribution centers. Our mission is to handle the headaches for you, so that you can focus on growing your brand.


Windsor currently processes returns for many of the major US retailers. Our proprietary cloud-based portal directly integrates with our partners and global distributors, offering real-time access to all data relating to RMAs in transit, received and validated. RMAs are issued with exact instructions, addresses, and a UPC codes for easy tracking. We leverage our resources specifically to make returns less complicated and more transparent for our customers. As with all of our services, RMA reports are custom tailored to the needs of our partners.


Unlike other refurbished products, the Windsor-refurbished standard ensures that consumers receive an item that not only meets, but exceeds expectations as a like-new product. Our extensive multi-step testing process ensures that products are fully-functional with customized procedures for each product. After inspection, each unit is cleaned, sanitized and branded as refurbished for both transparency and traceability.

Business Intelligence & Analysis

Another major benefit of our testing procedures is that it highlights potential design flaws, return patterns, and gives information as to why items are being returned. Through analyzing the testing data, our partners can make intelligent decisions and potential changes in product design and improving flaws.

Product Remerchandising

Our goal is to sell product with an emphasis on maximizing profit in a responsible manner. This means adhering to restrictions and creating custom distribution plans, in order to protect the sales channels of our partners. Once properly inspected and fit for remerchandising, products are kitted in non-retail packaging to ensure that they are clearly distinguishable as a refurbished.

Data Sanitization

In dealing with electronic storage, we specialize in data disposal to DOD standards. Our process is approved by major carriers and manufacturers. Pickups are made through secured transport, tested prior to data clearing and formatted off-network to protect user data from potential hacking. For further protection, all units are tracked by internal serial number from the moment it arrives at our facility, throughout the entire testing/data sanitizing processes, to the point of resale.

Warranty Fulfillment

Several of our partners utilize Windsor-Certified refurbished products for warrantee replacements, store demos, trade shows, as well as general B-stock inventory. Windsor manages the storage, inventory, and direct fulfillment based on the needs of our partners.

Responsible Recycling

Windsor is an R2, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certified facility. We ensure that any product that cannot be resold will be properly disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.


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