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Is your returns management

out of control?

Are your returns getting lost in a web of 3PLs,

OEM repairs, and lack of proper quality control?

Need Solutions?

What we do

It’s not just returns, it’s your brand

Returns are a significant part of your business. Yet chances are you’re leaving revenue-boosting opportunities on the table - or worse, in the landfill.

At Windsor Global, we help convert your returns into revenue, providing end-to-end remerchandising solutions under one centralized source, that increase your profits and, most importantly, protect your brand every step of the way.

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Celebrating Over 70 Years

We have been around a while and we attribute this
to our dedication to our clients and our passion
for solving their returns problems

Our history

The kings of returns management for consumer electronics

We specialize in refurbishing a wide range of consumer electronics.

A full service solution

Here’s what we can do for you

Brand protection

Without the proper focus on returns or excess inventory management, you’re leaving your brand vulnerable to unauthorized product re-entry and resale, which can have severely adverse effects on your brand value and reputation.


Monetize returns

By managing your returns from end-to-end, we’re able to completely slash your operating costs, as well as maximize the value of your products through targeted remerchandising strategies and channels.


Logistics and operations

With over 70 years of consumer electronics experience, we’ve established a highly efficient, proven system centered around technology, efficiency, and data-driven solutions to meet your unique challenges.


Data and analytics

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide complete transparency. Our robust data & analytics solutions help drive more informed, profitable decisions both in the short-term and down the road.


Refurbished by Windsor

The Windsor name has become synonymous with rigorous standards and superior quality. Each and every refurbished product bears the “Refurbished by Windsor” label, a promise customers know they can trust.


Warranty by Windsor

We stand behind the quality of our refurbished products, offering customers a “Warranty by Windsor”. In the event of a product issue, customers are encouraged to reach out directly to us for resolution.