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About us

From a family business to the leaders in returns management

Stats & facts

Here is some information about Windsor Global at a glance

  • Team of over 250 reverse logistics professionals

    We are a growing team of over 250 professionals, ranging the gamut of reverse logistics. From C-level executives to quality control technicians to our warehouse specialists, each member of our team is focused on providing solutions that fit each client's specific needs.

  • 150,000 sq ft of warehouse space

    Our vast warehouse space gives us the flexibility to receive, process, and route products efficiently. We use the latest technology to design and execute a return-to-stock system in a concise and timely fashion.

  • $2 billion in retail value recovered for our clients

    Rather than join the billions of pounds of retail junk poured in the landfills annually, we’ve successfully monetized over $2 billion worth (and counting) of our clients’ returns and excess inventory, relieving them of their returns headaches while increasing their profits and keeping our planet clean and green.

  • Over 100 million units processed

    With over 70 years in the business, we’ve pretty much seen every type of consumer electronic device. From pagers and Walkmans, to drones and iPhones, we’ve processed over 100 million units (and counting) of electronics returns.

  • Celebrating over 70 years in business

    For over 70 years, we’ve partnered with several of the largest carriers, OEMs, distributors, and retailers in the industry by pioneering innovative solutions for their inventory returns challenges and turning them into practical, profitable opportunities.

Our story

From a two-man crew to a team of over 250 strong, we’ve evolved as a company, our rich
history made us who we are today. This is the Windsor story:


In the beginning

Founded by Sol Ehrenberg and incorporated in New York in 1950 as Arenburg Electronics, we supplied wire & cable to transit and toll booth companies, as well as local and state government contracts.

  • We were listed as “Arenburg Electronics” so we would be featured as the first listing in the Yellow Pages under “Buyers of Surplus Wire & Electronics”.
  • For film buffs - Rumor has it that in the classic film, “The Godfather”, the toll booth was provided from Arenburg Electronics.
  • Our initial warehouse was a 1,000 square ft. space located on Canal St, with 2 floors, and 2 employees. And a pulley elevator.
  • When servicing our clients, pickups and deliveries were done in this Willys station wagon


Early growth

In 1958, we relocated to a 2,000 sq ft space in Farmingdale NY, which would remain our home for the next 30 years. During this period, we expanded our team as well as our product offerings, servicing and developing relationships with new industries, while still making deliveries in the Willys station wagon.

  • Adding electronics to our existing wire & cable product line, including: Line-corded products (1959), Electronic Vacuum Tubes used for Radio and TV and Military Components.
  • Doubled in size to 4 employees.
  • Landed our very first electronics customer, The Digital Equipment Corporation.


Accelerated Growth

In 1988, we purchased the historical Ballantine Brewery building in Newark, NJ. During this period, we experienced dramatic growth, launching new internal and social outreach programs, and expanding our services worldwide to reflect the rapid global technological advancements.

  • Increasing from 2,000 to 70,000 square ft space.
  • Growing our team to 25 employees.
  • Initiating our first downstream solutions for products
  • Hiring our first disabled employees, as well as launching our veterans employment program.
  • Sending employees to school for further education.
  • Becoming the first company to process and test Bluetooth headsets and resell them as refurbished.
  • Expanding our services to include pre-consumer Electronic Components.
  • Creating our revenue-sharing consignment process for global brands, such as: Motorola, Leviton, Nokia, Ericsson, Flextronics and Boxcom.


Going global

It was during this period that the key merger of Arenburg Electronics and Windsor Distributors occurred, with the new entity renamed “Windsor Global”.

  • Moving into a new, 135,000 square ft facility.
  • Growing our team to 150 employees.
  • Expanding into consumer electronics, including the refurbishing of computers and tablets, drones and robotics.
  • Exclusive Reverse Logistics for Carriers, Distributors, and Retail Big Box Stores.


Here we are & where we’re headed

In 2015, Windsor purchased an 8-acre, state-of-the-art facility in Union, NJ. It is here that we’ve grown to over 250 employees, expanded our remerchandising services to include reselling services on alternative markets through our ecommerce presence, and developed the “Certified by Windsor” brand.

Being a customer centric service provider we always strive to change and refine as rapid as the industry does, and be able to provide top notch services and solutions to our clients and prospects.

The road ahead for Windsor Global includes branching out our total service solution and providing our service components to a wide array of clients as a whole or in part as follows:

  • Packing & Packaging services
  • Sort, Clean and packaging services
  • Testing Analysis and Reporting Services
  • Refurbishing and Repairs
  • Warehousing Services
  • Ecommerce Sales Services
  • Customer Service
  • Warranty Fulfillment

Leadership Team
Our leadership team has an in-depth knowledge in all aspects of the returns management process.
Robert Feinstein
VP of Purchasing

1985 was the perfect time for an ambitious and entrepreneurial college dropout to enter the reverse logistics business, enter Robert Feinstein / Windsor Distributors…

Simon Gold
Director of Business Development

Simon joined Windsor Global in 2012 and has played an instrumental role in developing long-lasting partnerships with our clients. As a natural problem solver, and a passion for identifying…

Shira Broad
Chief Financial Officer

Shira is innovative and driven, with over 13 years of experience in E-Commerce high-growth operations with global business structures. She has played a key role in multiple debt and capital raises…

Lipa Landau
Director of Production

When it comes to refurbishing, QC and production Lipa has been around the block.Lipa is a veteran of the trade since the early ‘90s managing complex projects since the age when pagers were the most popular method…

Yoni Englard
Sales Manager

With nearly a decade of experience in eCommerce Yoni joined our team in 2018 to assist with the consistent growth, professionalism and integrity we are known for. As manager of sales, Yoni provides and executes…

Berry Wertheimer
Fulfillment & Logistics Manager

Behind the scenes of our company, there is a great logistics team which encompasses all the bells and whistles of a full-scale production operation as well as a wholesale and ecommerce warehouse…

Moshe Halberstam
Senior Account Manager

With a keen understanding of the inner workings of this industry, Moshe is well connected on both forward and reverse sides of the deal, and delivers home runs time and again, but please only challenge you are…