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We have the answer to your product returns challenges

Product conditions

All products processed by Windsor Global are restored to function fully as a new unit and it includes original components.

All products processed by Windsor Global will have one of the following conditions.

  • A1 NEW – Regular New sealed unit
  • B1 REFURBISHED – Refurbished unit in great cosmetic condition. Works and looks like new. May have very slight cosmetic scuffs or scratches
  • C1 USED – Refurbished unit that works and looks like new that has visible wear. The unit may have noticeable scuffs and scratches that do not impact the functionality of the item
  • BREAKAGE FOR REPAIR – Units that fail our test process that will be repaired by our expert repair team
  • BER – BEYOND ECONOMIC REPAIR –Units that are beyond economical repair

Packaging methods

As part of our effort to protect the brands we service and to ensure that our refurbished products do not re-enter the “brand new” product market, all products processed by Windsor Global will get prominently marked and labeled as “Certified by Windsor”

The products will be packaged in beautiful packaging that is custom designed for each brand and its respective product models, with ergonomic packing methods to ensure the safe and secure shipping of the product.

Each individual product packaging will be sealed with a tamper-evident “Certified by Windsor” seal.

Each master carton will be sealed with tamper evident “Certified by Windsor” tape.

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