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Cleared for Clearing: How Windsor helped a major US retailer clear over $60M in inventory within 72 hours

A major US electronics retailer was looking to liquidate $60M in inventory, consisting of several thousand unique SKUs from their stores. The retailer was under a lot of pressure to get the inventory evaluated and moving rapidly, with the ultimate goal of having a bid finalized in under 72 hours and the goods moved immediately.

Windsor analyzed the inventory and current market value for the entire inventory, utilizing our proprietary data tools, and submitted a multimillion dollar bid well within the 72-hour timeframe.

Upon winning the bid, we worked closely with the retailer to create an efficient logistical operation, wherein the goods could ship from over 3000 individual locations directly to our facility.

Windsor allocated close to 100,000 sq. feet for the inbound receiving, sorting, and resale operation – a delivery consisting of over 220 trailer loads! Each product was loaded into our ERP with a targeted, predetermined path for redistribution.

The retailer was provided with a detailed count of the units received from each location and we communicated closely with the retailer throughout the process to ensure that all the inventory was picked, shipped, and received at our facility.

The project was a great success and allowed the retailer to cycle through a great deal of aging inventory to make room for new current goods.

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