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Philips: Smart Solutions for Smart Home Company

By the time they contacted Windsor, Philips, an IOT (Internet of things)/smart home company with rapidly expanding sales and a growing volume of returns, had invested a lot of money in R&D and marketing to ensure the resale of their returns wouldn’t negatively impact their retail value.

Although the company had a partner resale program, they had no control over how their products were tested, packaged, and resold. Without a clear price structure, Philips did not believe it was getting fair value for their products.

Windsor worked closely with Philips to understand these unique challenges, and designed a solution that allowed for a consistent stream of income without impacting their primary market.

We created a test process for all products, using dedicated equipment that inspected all vital features and subsequently tracked the testing results. We then collaborated on a custom packaging design for their refurbished products, while also implementing a structured cost framework and a compressive redistribution strategy to provide a clear understanding around product value within the distribution chain.

Thrilled with the results, Philips has expanded their program to include returns from the international market around the world and is currently working with Windsor to leverage additional services to help manage ecommerce initiatives.

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