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Feed the feedback: How Windsor’s cutting-edge analytics helped the bottom line soar

Windsor helped a cutting-edge brand in the smart home industry going through rapid sales growth internationally. Our client was looking for a solution that would enable them to get detailed analytics on their returns. This information was critical, as it would help with design improvements, app interface, and other elements of the user experience going forward.

Additionally, the company was looking to utilize their tested returned products for warranty replacements, tradeshow demos, and resale into targeted markets in order to introduce the products to a broader consumer base.

Windsor worked closely with the client, developing testing procedures and utilizing proprietary software tools in order to gather vital information from returns as soon as they are returned.

The data was regularly analyzed in order to identify key areas of improvement. We’ve since assisted the company in setting up a warranty replacement program for warranty replacements and Windsor-fulfilled warranty claims, all directly from our facility. Under this arrangement, all products running through the Windsor facility are data-wiped and updated to the latest available software version.

As their products became more mature in the market, and the company was ready to have refurbished units sold, Windsor began a target marketing and redistribution strategy. This provided strong returns back to the company, and most of all kept the brand value in primary markets clean.

As an added service, the Windsor customer service team closely tracks feedback from ecommerce customers and provides that vital feedback back to the company.

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