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Lipa Landau

Director of Production

When it comes to refurbishing, QC and production Lipa has been around the block.

Lipa is a veteran of the trade since the early ‘90s managing complex projects since the age when pagers were the most popular method for communication.

Whether the subject is a drone, iPad or a robotic vacuum, leave it for Lipa, with his team of professional technicians and repair geeks he has all that technical nitty-gritty figured out.

From projects requiring 12 lanes and a workforce of 200+, to a surgical micro repair that requires the meticulous handling of only a very few, Lipa is successfully navigating these runs like the captain of a ship.

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We know the product returns process and its challenges inside out, we know all the pain points and we are ready to create a custom strategy that fits your brand and specific needs.

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