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Moshe Halberstam

Senior Account Manager

Wholesale? Retail? Flips and opportunities? One time deals? Search no further, Moshe has the answer for you!

With a keen understanding of the inner workings of this industry, Moshe is well connected on both the forward and reverse sides of the deal, and delivers home runs time and again, but please only challenge him if you are able to handle it, because he will -as always- deliver way and beyond expectations.

Last but not least, Moshe is serious about his customers and will with no hesitation personally roll up his sleeves and pack a box or 50 for his near and dear to ensure that orders are shipping and arriving on time.

Humble but ambitious, dedicated while selfless, with Moshe as your Account Manager you’re in good hands!

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We know the product returns process and its challenges inside out, we know all the pain points and we are ready to create a custom strategy that fits your brand and specific needs.

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